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World Scholars Academy Introduces International Relations Course

This summer World Scholars Academy is introducing an International Relations Academy for high school students ages 15-18. On this course students will be led by a world-leading expert in leadership, politics, and international relations to explore pressing global questions such as; is there a recipe for successful government? What traits unite and distinguish good and bad leaders throughout the past and present? What does it take to negotiate the greatest global challenges facing our world - from COVID-19 to poverty, social conflict, environmental cooperation, and international territorial disputes? What role can governments, international organisations, and activists play in this regard?

You will additionally learn when states are allowed to start a war and what you, your country, and the global community can do to prevent and respond to natural and political catastrophes. Throughout the course you’ll use and develop your own leadership and diplomacy skills, and apply them in a model United Nations negotiation and debate. Further details are available on our International Relations Academy course page.


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