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"By words the mind is winged."



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Creative Writing Academy is a two-week course introducing students ages 15-18 to essential elements of creative writing, and is designed and taught by a world-leading English instructor. This course is designed to help you unleash your creativity and develop your skills as a writer. Explore different forms of creative writing, including poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and experiment with different writing techniques and styles. Throughout the course, students focus on the importance of revision and editing. Writing is a process, and on the course students receive interactive feedback in a supportive and collaborative environment to hone their editing skills and take their writing abilities to the next level. Writing can be a solitary pursuit, but in this class, you'll join a community of fellow writers to support and encourage your development. Whether you are already set on a career as a best-selling authorpreneur or simply wish to expand your literary horizons and abilities, the Creative Writing Academy will provide you with essential insights on how to excel as a written communicator.

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Class 1: Intro to Creative Writing Careers

Class 2: Keys to Compelling Storytelling

Class 3: Great Literary Works

Class 4: Basic Plot Types

Class 5: Literary Genres

Class 6: World Building

Class 7: Character Development

Class 8: Constructing Dialogue

Class 9: Endings & Denouement

Class X: Writing Challenge


Explore the World of Creative Writing

Develop writing skills employers demand across leading careers in; Advertising copywriting, Social media marketing, Advertising campaign design, Email marketing, and Manuscript editing

Learn from the Great Authors

Recognize common literary elements of the greatest English writers throughout history and discover how to apply them to your own compositions

Weave Multiple Plot Lines

Merge parallel narratives into your writing to flesh out your characters, create plot twists, and hold readers on the edge of their seat

Employ Metaphor and Allusion

Great storytellers employ the subtle power of symbolic language and analogy to activate the reader's imagination and convey meaning that transcends the mundane

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Unlock Your Creativity

Follow your own inner voice to set your imagination free and craft compelling stories in a style that is distinctively yours

Vivid Description

Sometimes a thousand words are even better than a picture. Learn how to bring your descriptions to life through dynamic language, emotional connections, and incorporating the total experience of the five senses

Develop Precise Diction

As Mark Twain once quipped, "The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter - 'tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning." Who could logomachize with that?

Write from the Heart

Channel the power of your own life experiences into your writing to deliver maximum impact and embodied authenticity

Your Writing Instructor


Luke Young is a doctoral candidate in English at the University of Oxford. His doctoral research focuses on modern essays and literature in Britain and America. He holds an MA in Literature and Culture, and a BA in English from the University of Birmingham.

He is an active playwright and essayist, and is the Winner of the TORCH Flash Fiction Competition for his original play Error, which he also directed. He is also a contributing author to the Routledge Companion to George Orwell, among other publications.

Luke is a tutor and instructor of English Literature at the University of Oxford, where he additionally interviews prospective undergraduate English students. He is the founding director of the Oxford Essays Research Group promoting the study of English essays across subjects and periods. Luke is a passionate tutor of creative writing and is dedicated to helping others express themselves with greater clarity and impact.

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Creative Writing Academy is delivered synchronously over two weeks in (i) ten live and interactive online classes, and (ii) two one-on-one personalized academic tutorials led by your instructor. The program follows the Creative Writing Academy curriculum and includes:


  • Maximum class size six (6) students

  • Individual feedback and academic guidance

  • Take-home continuing study exercises and resources

  • Letter of Recommendation from your instructor (upon satisfactory participation)

  • Access to video recordings of all ten (10) live classes for future review

  • Course completion certificate


Online classes will last approximately two hours and will be delivered on weekdays 12pm-2pm US Pacific Time | 3pm-5pm US Eastern Time | 8pm-10pm British Summer Time.


Price: $2,795


  • Session 1: Monday July 22nd - Friday August 2nd 2024

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