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"The best way to understanding is a few good examples."

–Sir Isaac Newton

  • Encompassing a range of engineering topics our online engineering research internships provide students with the unique opportunity to work jointly with a world-leading engineer. On your internship you will advance the boundaries of knowledge in engineering, and coauthor an original research paper in collaboration with other student colleagues and under the guidance of your expert mentor. 

  • Deepen your understanding of engineering while acquiring practical research skills and hands-on experience into what it is like to undertake advanced study in the field. Become a published author when you submit your completed research paper to our open-access academic journal, World Scholars Review, or another scholarly publication.

  • World Scholars Academy engineering internship programs are an exceptional opportunity to demonstrate your unique talents, substantiate your commitment to excellence, and individuate yourself from peers so you can stand out when applying to top universities.



World Scholars Academy engineering internships for ages 15-18 analyze the latest advances in engineering including; drone technology, artificial intelligence, frontiers in military weaponry, exotic materials, and nuclear power. On the internship you will work with fellow World Scholars to research and coauthor a topflight academic paper on your topic with the close support of your mentor, a world-leading expert in the field. 


During your internship you will learn specialist research techniques, survey the extant literature of the discipline, and conduct original research on your topic. You will contribute your own ideas to the project's successful completion, and will build technical skills and practical know-how to excel as an engineer. Your final paper will be reviewed by your mentor and submitted to either our open-access academic journal, World Scholars Review, or another scholarly engineering publication.


Internships take place on either Saturday or Sunday over four weeks, allowing you to participate in an internship during your normal school year or simultaneously with a World Scholars Academy academic summer course. Interns should expect to spend several additional hours outside of their live contact time each week to complete their research project. World Scholars Academy engineering internships include:

  • Maximum class size six (6) students

  • Individualized feedback and academic guidance

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Co-authored research paper submitted for publication

  • Entry into the WSR Best Review Award competition

Please note that places on World Scholars Academy engineering internship programs are extremely limited and currently listed research topics may not recur. Upcoming engineering internship opportunities are listed below.

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Internship Details

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a sophisticated tool in the data sciences to address complex human problems. Having surpassed human experts in trivial applications such as games of Chess and Go, AI now has ever expanding applications in advanced applied research and commerce including; algorithmic trading, self-driving vehicles, medical decision-making, and military strategy. However, what will the future hold for Artificial Intelligence? Which applications are indeed viable, which will remain hypothetical, and what unexpected areas might we in fact see AI successfully applied. Are the dystopian sci-fi portrayals of AI as eventually replacing humans justified, or will AI continue to expand mankind’s economic opportunities without supplanting the need for humans entirely?

During this month-long Internship you will be taught how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning work. Collaborating with your fellow interns you will then conduct original research on how AI is currently being applied to domains of commerce, and will examine its potential to replace human intelligence across other fields in the future. In addition, with your mentor's guidance you will co-author an academic research paper on this topic for publication. No previous knowledge of computer science is required to participate.


Location: Online

Type: Academic Research Internship

Eligibility: Ages 15-18

Days: Saturdays from 7am-10am PT | 10am-1pm ET

Dates: Four weeks: January 6th, January 13th, January 20th, January 27th

Price: $1895

Requirements: Interns are expected to be present for all four sessions. However, if an intern is unable to attend a particular session they will receive an update on the project progress and will be assigned additional work to complete in order to make up for their absence. Interns are expected to spend a minimum of three hours per week working on their project outside of the live contact hours.

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