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  • What is the maximum class size?
    The maximum class size for all courses and internships is six (6) students.
  • How much homework is assigned on a summer course?
    In addition to the two hours per day of live contact time with your instructor and classmates, you will have assigned homework. While our instructors eschew 'busy work', they do assign approximately 1.5 to two hours of pragmatically useful activities after each class that will help deepen your understanding of the concepts taught and prepare you for the next class. So in total you should prepare to spend 3.5 to four hours per weekday on your course.
  • Are there any prerequisites?
    All our programs are designed to be both accessible for complete beginners while at the same time offering fresh challenge and insight to students who already have excellent knowledge of a subject. Students therefore do not need to have any prior exposure to a subject before joining their desired course, and we not have any specific course prerequisites. However, in order to get the most out of our upper level (ages 15-18) courses in subjects with mathematical content, students should have completed at least a first course in algebra. For all entry level courses (ages 12-14) there are no specific mathematics recommendations.
  • Will summer course students receive a letter of recommendation from their instructor?
    Yes, upon successful completion of a summer course and any required assignments students will receive a letter of recommendation personally written by their instructor that can be used for university applications or work experience. We will also help students upload their letter to university application platforms as needed such as the CommonApp. Students will additionally receive a gold-embossed graduation certificate for their course with their name printed on it that is suitable to frame and display.
  • How are your online courses interactive?
    Our online courses are conducted live, so that students can ask the instructor questions in real time, and each course provides substantial group work activities so that students get the chance to meet and collaborate with one another. Students on our academic courses also receive two one-on-one tutorials with their instructor providing personalized academic guidance tailored to their needs.
  • Why do your summer courses offer one-on-one tutorials with the instructor?
    Your first one-on-one tutorial is a chance for your instructor to learn more about you and your goals so that they can tailor topics on the course to your interests and provide you with better guidance and support throughout. Your final one-on-one session is a chance for your instructor to provide you with specific recommendations to help you achieve your goals, and to provide you with a final opportunity to ask any questions and revise or clarify any content from the course. These interactions are also crucial for your instructor to write a detailed personal letter of recommendation on completion of your course.
  • Do I need any special equipment in order to attend my online course?
    You don’t need any special equipment in order to attend our online courses. All you need is a computer with a stable internet connection and a webcam. Ideally you would be able to sit in a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed for your classes.
  • What level of English language ability is required?
    To get the most out of our programs, we recommend that students should possess English language ability corresponding to at least a 7 on the IELTS or equivalently a score of 22 on both the Listening and Reading sections of the TOEFL, or a C1 on the CEFR.
  • Do you accept high school seniors?
    Yes, we absolutely accept current high school seniors who will be graduating this summer. We also accept current high school seniors who will be 19 years old when the course starts, or students who are currently on or have just completed a gap year.
  • My child is advanced, can they join an older cohort?
    We are happy to accept a parent's assessment of the most suitable age cohort for their child in order to place them in the most appropriate course. Simply sign up for your desired course, and confirm with us this preference in the personal statement section of the enrollment form.
  • Do I have to attend every class?
    While it is not mandatory to attend every class, we recommend live attendance to get the most out of your course. However, if you do happen to miss some classes, you will be able to catch up right away using the class video recordings we post online each day.
  • Do your courses confer university credit?
    We are a fully independent educational institution and our courses do not confer university credit as their content is not necessarily restricted to a singular topic. Our focus rather is on providing students with a broad overview of essential insights into their chosen discipline, giving them the tools and inspiration to reach their academic potential, as well as providing them with a better idea of what studying and working within that field would be like.
  • Do you accept international students?
    Yes, we welcome international student enrollments.
  • Is World Scholars Academy only for gifted students?
    While we do attract many gifted students this isn't a prerequisite to join our programs. All that is necessary is an interest in your subject and a sincere intention to do your best.
  • When is the deadline to enroll?
    We are able to accept a student onto our programs up until the day they start, provided that the session has not yet filled. However, it is better to apply earlier so that you have a chance to review the preparatory materials recommended by your instructor, and for summer courses so that we can schedule your first one-on-one tutorial with your instructor prior to your first class (though this is optional).
  • How do I enroll?
    We look forward to working with enthusiastic and curious students just like you! To secure your place in your desired program please complete our enrollment form available here.
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World Scholars Academy Registration Policy

Book with Confidence Summer 2024

  • Money-back Guarantee - Full refund for all summer course cancellations made prior to March 31st 2024.

  • Flexible Deferrals - Summer courses are eligible prior to March 31st 2024 for free deferment to a later 2024 session (depending on availability) or 2025.

  • Course Guarantee - If for any reason we are unable to accept you onto a program as scheduled, a full refund will be issued immediately.

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