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World Scholars Academy Introduces Internship Programs

World Scholars Academy is introducing academic Internship Programs in Business, Medicine, Law, and Engineering for high school students ages 15-18. On these programs, a select group of students will collaborate with a world-leading expert to produce an academic research paper on a current scholarly debate. Guided by their mentor, students will summarize and synthesize the existing literature on their topic, providing novel insight on state-of-the-art practice and future research directions.

On the program students will learn the essential structure and style of academic research writing, while being introduced to rigorous analytical methods and the process of scientific inference. Upon conclusion of the program, students will become a published author in their chosen discipline, submitting their completed research paper to our open-access academic journal or an external scholarly publication.

World Scholars Academy internships provide driven students with the opportunity to take their passion for a subject beyond high school curricula under the guidance of a world-leading mentor, and signal to top universities their commitment to excellence and readiness to interface successfully with elite academia.

Internships are available throughout the year, and are run on weekends to facilitate participation during school terms or concurrently with a World Scholars Academy summer course. Session details are available on our Internships programs page.


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