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"If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is."

–John Von Neumann


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World Mathematics Academy is a two-week course introducing 15-18 year-olds to proof-based mathematics and is designed and taught by a world-leading mathematician. Whether you are already set on a career in a mathematical discipline such as engineering, computer science, or quant trading, or if you simply want to expand your mathematical horizons and abilities, World Mathematics Academy will provide you with key insights into the world of mathematics and how to excel as a student of mathematics.

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Class 1: Mathematical Induction

Class 2: The Geometry of Complex Numbers

Class 3: Combinatorics

Class 4: Graph Theory

Class 5: Pick's Formula

Class 6: Analytic Geometry

Class 7: Quaternions

Class 8: Group Theory and Burnside's Lemma

Class 9: Projective Geometry

Class X: Mathematical Battle

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Explore the World of Mathematics

Discover fundamental mathematical concepts which underpin powerful theoretical representations of reality, and learn how to apply logic like a professional mathematician

Master Mathematical Induction

Mathematical induction is a powerful analytical method used throughout all fields of mathematics. Master it to prove fascinating mathematical identities, solve problems in game theory, and much more! 

Discover the Geometry of Complex Numbers

The complex numbers are related to the geometry of the plane. Discover different ways to understand complex numbers, including how operations with them can be depicted geometrically


Learn how professional mathematicians rigorously dissect

 challenging counting problems using binomial coefficients, generating sequences, and recurrence relations


Learn about Quaternions

Understand the non-commutative number system that the eminent mathematician Hamilton grappled with for years, and how this amazingly led to his discovery of quaternions and a systematic framework for the mechanics of

3D space

Explore Mathematical Rotations

Explore how mathematicians think about rotations and see how these abstract concepts help in answering many natural questions, including fascinating applications in chemistry and music

Harness the Power of Infinity

Learn how to rigorously think about points at infinity. Remarkably, these methods help us to understand essential mathematical concepts such as Euclidean geometry, Calculus, and to prove some truly astonishing theorems!

Mathematical Battle

Engage in a fun problem-solving tournament with your peers while applying everything that you have learned on the course. You’ll have the opportunity to explain your solutions to others and challenge your opponents

Your Mathematics Instructor


Evgeny Goncharov is a doctoral candidate in mathematics at the University of Cambridge with a research specialization in algebraic geometry. He holds a master's degree in mathematics from the same institution. 


Evgeny won the 2017 Topology Olympiad in St. Peterburg, Russia, and has published research in peer-reviewed journals in the fields of algebraic geometry and risk analysis. He is currently researching Gross-Siebert mirror symmetry and is employed as a technical consultant by the high-performance computing company MatLogica. He has a strong passion for teaching and has been introducing students to the beauty of mathematics for the past 7 years.


Mathematics Course Testimonials

"Had a phenomenal math course with my instructor Evgeny Goncharov, who was an incredibly nice, patient, understanding, and funny teacher. This is a challenging course that taught me a great deal of what math truly is, what you experience as a math major, and was a great experience overall!"

Carl L. (15) Los Angeles, CA

"Evgeny is disciplined, brilliant at explaining complex concepts, truly brilliant at motivating, and has a lovely personality on top of all those skills. Very highly recommended."

Maxim A. (17) Cambridge, UK


"Evgeny has been teaching me mathematics for over three years and his passion and knowledge was so inspiring that I decided to pursue a mathematical career. He is a very kind and funny person and a truly unique teacher."

Maria M. (18) Ecole Normale, France


"I have always wanted to understand mathematics better but my attempts until recently have not been very successful. Evgeny patched up the holes in my education and helped me find and explore exciting areas."

Chris B. (32) Professional Photographer 

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World Mathematics Academy is delivered virtually over two weeks in (i) ten live and interactive online classes, and (ii) two one-on-one personalized academic tutorials led by your instructor. The program follows the World Mathematics Academy curriculum and includes:


  • Daily assignments

  • Collaborative group work

  • Individual feedback and academic guidance

  • Take-home continuing study exercises and resources

  • Letter of recommendation for university applications and work experience from your instructor (upon satisfactory participation)

  • Lifetime access to video recordings of each class for future review

  • Complimentary admission to Career Exploration Academy

  • Course completion certificate


Online classes will last approximately two hours and will be delivered on weekdays 12pm-2pm US Pacific Time | 3pm-5pm US Eastern Time | 8pm-10pm British Summer Time.


Summer 2023 Enrollment Still Open - All Sessions

Price: $2695

  • Session 1: Monday June 19th - Friday June 30th 2023

  • Session 2: Monday July 31st - Friday August 11th 2023

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