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World Scholars Academy Introduces Career Exploration Courses

This summer World Scholars Academy is introducing Career Exploration Courses for high school students aged 15-18 and middle school students aged 12-14. These courses will provide a high-level introduction to the fields of Business, Medicine, Law, Engineering, and Computer Science taught on our academic summer programs. Our Career Exploration Summer Courses are tailored to provide insight into the careers available in these leading disciplines and what it is like to undertake higher academic study in them. They are also taught by the same elite team of educators on our respective academic programs.

In addition, World Scholars Academy will credit the tuition fee of your Career Exploration Course towards any future academic program you decide to take with us, so there’s no better way to figure out what leading field of study you’d like to pursue as a career and get a head start in it! Further details are available on our Career Exploration Summer Courses page.


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