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JOIN OUR ELITE academic programs taught by world-leading professional scholars and accompanied by exceptional peers from around the world

LEARN high-level insights and deep conceptual understanding of your subject from the world’s most accomplished educators

EXPAND horizons and build aspirations while cultivating genuine academic and social confidence in the most transformational learning experience of your life

  • All programs are taught by world-elite instructors from top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard that are hand-selected for their intellectual leadership and ability to transmit high-level insights to their students

  • On our academic courses and internships you'll work both one-on-one with your instructor and in a small class of up to six other academically-ambitious students from around the world.

  • Our programs introduce students to what it is like to pursue advanced study in their chosen discipline, while providing the correct foundations and learning mindsets to attain the highest levels of academic and professional success.

"The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting."


Student Support

Prior to the start of our academic courses we provide all students with a virtual meeting in which we will touch base, learn more about your needs and goals on the program, and answer any of your remaining questions. Furthermore, you can have any question about your course answered directly by your instructor. After your program finishes we can also offer continued tutoring support according to your needs. Please feel free to contact our friendly admissions team at any time for assistance. We are very happy to help!

If you are unable to attend our specified program dates, we may be able to offer an additional session to accommodate your needs. Please contact us for details. 


World Scholars Academy

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