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"The smallest spark may kindle into the greatest flame because the materials are prepared for it."

–David Hume


  • Our online summer courses for high school students ages 15-18 are taught by world-elite instructors from top universities, hand-selected for their intellectual leadership and ability to transmit high-level insights to their students.

  • Our academic courses introduce students to what it is like to undertake advanced study in their chosen discipline, while providing the correct foundations and learning mindsets to attain the highest levels of academic and professional success.

  • On our live virtual summer school, you'll work both one-on-one with your instructor and in a small group of other academically-ambitious students from around the world. All you need to join is a computer with a webcam and internet connection.


  • Encompassing a range of disciplines and curricula our online research internships provide students with the unique opportunity to work jointly with a world-leading expert in their field. On your internship you will advance the boundaries of knowledge in your chosen discipline, and coauthor an original research paper in collaboration with other student colleagues and under the guidance of your expert mentor. 

  • Deepen your understanding of your subject while acquiring practical research skills and hands-on experience into what it is like to undertake advanced study in your chosen discipline. Become a published author when you submit your completed research paper to our open-access academic journal or an external scholarly publication.

  • World Scholars Academy internship programs are an exceptional opportunity to demonstrate your unique talents, substantiate your commitment to excellence, and individuate yourself from peers so you can stand out when applying to top universities.

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