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Your Medical Instructor


Jenny Wang is a fourth-year doctoral student in medicine at the University of Oxford with research specialization in the detection of infectious diseases, including COVID-19. She is additionally a tutor for the psychology of medicine at the University of Oxford.

She has conducted research in the molecular mechanisms of osteoporosis at the Sheffield University Medical School, on androgen receptors at the University of Oxford, and in antibody testing for SARS-COV-2 with NHS England. She has authored research in the journals BMC Infectious Diseases and EClinicalMedicine published by The Lancet. She has additionally won the Kroto Prize for Innovation in Science, and is president of the University of Oxford Medical Students' Society. She has been tutoring science and medical school aspirants for over five years.

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Medical Course Testimonials

"Jenny is very patient and doesn't mind explaining concepts or answers various times until I understand them. She is great at explaining and I love that she has a structured plan for all her lessons which helps me keep the focus on our goal. It is very pleasant to have classes with her." 

–Camino L. (15) Madrid, Spain

"Jenny is a fabulous tutor with profound knowledge and great both teaching and study skills."

–Joe M. (Parent) Cheltenham, UK

"Jenny is a very kind and encouraging tutor. She has helped me to feel more confident."

–Sam R. (18) Kelham, UK


"Jenny's very patient, answers all my questions, she constantly checks with me to make sure that the structure she's using is working for me"

–Yomna S. (17) Warwick, UK


"Such a wonderful tutor!"

–Ladan W. (16) Dubai, UAE


"Really good and clear explanations."

–Stephanie L. (14) Reading, UK

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